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Sustainability and Play in Perfect Harmony

Sustainability and Play in Perfect Harmony

It’s finally that time of year. The sun is shining, the air is warmer, and the days are longer and brighter. Spring is the perfect time to start spending more time outside exploring with your little learners. Are you looking to refresh and restock your outdoor resources?

Choose resources with care – choose Dantoy

We are proud to stock a wide range of Dantoy products. Dantoy has been developing and producing quality resources in Denmark for over 60 years. Dantoy produces sustainable, high-quality toys that are created with consideration for both children and the environment. Dantoy products are made from recyclable materials and are completely free from harmful chemicals.

Combine sustainability and play with our wide range of Dantoy products. We’ve handpicked our favorite products, from the most popular Dantoy lines.

BIObased – Ensuring children’s future

Sustainability and Play in Perfect Harmony

Quality and durability are abundant, but with BIO materials, Dantoy takes a step closer to green production and a better, more sensible environmental perspective. Made from residuals from sugarcane production, the bio line is 100% recyclable. The playset colours are muted shades with light tones. Our BIO products are suited for play indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather – including rain, snow and sunny trips to the beach.

Our top picks:

Bio Sand Set

Bio Trucks

Bio Dinner Set

Green Garden – Into the wild nature

Sustainability and Play in Perfect Harmony

Green Garden – a line that encourages children to explore and learn about the everyday life of grown-ups. Green Garden develops different skills, including coordination of motor skills and fine finger dexterity. Green Garden includes vegetables, play food and tools for tending to your garden. The play sets invite fun moments with grilling, tea and breakfast gatherings or more active play with wheelbarrows, greenhouses, digging and raking. The line comes in lovely soft colours.

Our top picks:

Green Garden Planting Set (6pcs)

Green Garden Breakfast Set (29pcs)

Green Garden Wheelbarrow Set (4pcs)

Blue Marine – Bring the sea to the playground

Sustainability and Play in Perfect Harmony

Blue Marine Toys – a line made from maritime gear which has been turned into toys with beautiful new colours. Sand, sea and corals are a suitable inspiration for the colours of the Blue Marine Toys.

This product line is made of plastic that comes from nets, trawls and ropes from the fishing and maritime industry. This range is a collection of products that together can be considered as part of a story. The net-liked structured products include: a mill where sand runs through several processes, just as the plastic materials are thoroughly sorted, and lorries which transport the maritime gear, boats and animals of the sea.

Our top picks:

Blue Marine Toys Sand Set

Blue Marine Toys Bucket Set

Blue Marine Toys Big Dump Truck


To discover our full range of Dantoy pieces, visit our website.


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