Dantoy Bio Trucks (Set of 6)

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Transportation made easy with this perfect plastic free option for your dramatic play experiences. Durable, safe tractors in pastel colours, with a perfect front loader for the sandbox. Allow children to exercise gross and fine motor skills, cooperate and exchange ideas.

Item features:

  • Made of bioplastic, 90% sugarcane
  • Measures 16 H x 14 W x 29cm L
  • Age 2 yrs +
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

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All our Dantoy products carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Plastic toys licensed for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel must comply with the world’s strictest requirements for plastic contents. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel stipulates requirements for safety, quality, and service life. All Dantoy toys are designed to endure the level of play at day care institutions, which requires heavy-duty strength and high product quality. This is exemplified by the extra thickness of our toys, contrasting with many cheap products made of thin material. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is based on the products life cycle. In other words, it is based on an assessment of the environmental impact from the time the product is born as a raw material until it dies as rubbish, and it will often be recycled.


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