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Why wooden The trend that’s become more than just a fad

“Why wooden?” The trend that’s become more than just a fad

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in wooden furniture across homes, offices and other businesses. We see more and more of it in early learning centres as well. While trends come and go, wooden furniture looks like it’s here to stay – and not necessarily because it’s too heavy to move!

If you scroll through almost any new early learning centre’s website, you’ll see wooden furniture such as tables, bench seats and storage units. They always look great, sure. But it runs deeper than that. There are so many benefits to having wooden furniture in your early learning centre and we’ve compiled our thoughts here.


Wood, in simple terms, just looks good. Regardless of whether you choose a light pine or a dark timber, wooden furniture complements any area perfectly. Splashes of colour such as cushions and rugs can be added without spoiling the look of the wood. No matter what type of resources you choose for each area, the neutral tones create a nice base for the look and feel of your centre.


In early learning centres, tables and chairs are used on high rotation multiple times a day which is why it’s crucial to have a sturdy and durable solution. Plastic is more likely to wear down faster, fade and even peel. Wooden furniture is strong, easy to wipe down and treated so the risk of peeling, splintering and general wear and tear is removed.


Sustainability in early learning centres doesn’t just mean building gardens and teaching children about recycling. It also extends to the resources you choose, which can include furniture. Wood lasts longer, mitigating the need to constantly replace furniture. Many large wooden furniture items such as tables and storage units are handmade which means a more considered approach to production that cuts down on machinery use. When purchasing wooden furniture, ensure you look for items made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood. This certification means the forest the materials come from is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

Our wooden furniture solutions

Whether it’s for your home corner, activities, resource storage, reception area or eating space, we’ve got a wooden furniture solution for you.

Sand and Water Picnic Table

This table is multi-use. Use it for arts and crafts or open it up to reveal a space for sand or water play. It’s got rounded corners for extra safety and made from high quality FSC certified timber. It ticks all the boxes – sustainable, versatile and durable.

Treewood Table and Bench set

This set is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, made from recycled hardwood and is big enough for multiple children to use at a time. Whether it’s for craft or eating, this set is easy to clean and have ready for the next activity.

Grangewood Timber Table with Bench Seats

If sustainability was a piece of furniture, this would be it. Handmade in Australia, this beautiful set is is comprised of Camphor Laurel which is an invasive plant that ruins competing vegetation in the wild. By repurposing this pest, it helps the environment and creates a beautiful piece of furniture that can be enjoyed for many years to come. For toddler rooms, this low table is another great option for activities such as small world play.

Birchwood Art Storage Unit – Classic

This art storage unit is made from solid birch ply timber and can store a variety of craft resources all in the one place, making them easy to find. There’s the option to add castors so it’s easy to move, and it’s low enough for everything be reachable for older children in your centre.

To discover our Australian made wooden furniture solutions, click here.

For guidance on what to choose for your early learning centre, contact us on 1300 720 353 or email sales@step4.com.au.

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