Investing in your Early Learning Centre
Why ‘investment’ should be the number one buzz word at your ELC

Why ‘investment’ should be the number one buzz word at your ELC

When you’re looking for resources for your early learning centre (ELC), what do you consider?

Do you ensure you include the most recent toy fads? Perhaps you value sustainably made toys? Or are you looking for something that all age groups can enjoy?

While it may be tempting to snap up the best deal from companies with big marketing budgets, flashy billboards and TV ads, thinking of resources as a long-term investment in safety, quality and durability is more important in the grand scheme of things. So, why should resources be considered as investments?

Long term value

When you think of how often your resources are played with and used, investing in items made from quality materials works out to be better value in the long run. Items made from cheap plastic or wood not only wear down quickly and need replacing more often, but they have the potential to be unsafe. Investing in good quality materials will ultimately provide peace of mind for you and your fellow educators.

Play value 

The flashiest, loudest toys may be fun for a few weeks, but do they really play a role in skill development and exploring through play? Are they tossed aside after the fun wears off, left to go in the bin and ultimately into landfill? Play value is vital for skill development and imagination. While the initial outlay may be more costly, investing in a wide range of open-ended toys is a great way to encourage imagination and creativity. Open-ended toys and resources such as blocks, balls, stackers and magnets also grow with children, meaning they can be used by all age groups in the centre for a variety of purposes. For example, blocks can be used by babies to mouth and practice stacking, and the same ones can be handed to toddlers and young children to build things. Just make sure you tick off basic safety elements for smaller children such as mouthing-safe paint and no small, loose parts within reach.

Ultimately, when you consider a resource to be an investment, you’re investing in safety, durability and sustainability. In a world full of ever-changing fads and trends, make sure you’re someone who’s taking a considered approach to their resources. The environment, the children in your centre, and your bottom line will thank you for it for many years to come.

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