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Why local businesses should be your go-to for resources

The local effect: Why local businesses should be your go-to for resources

‘Flash sale!’ Sale, sale, sale,!’ Last chance to shop 50% off!’ – These are just some of the enticing subject lines from big brands you see in your inbox every day.

How many times have you bought resources for your early learning environment for the sake of it because they’re on sale?

Something from a big corporation that can afford to mark things down to cost price or even less? While there’s nothing wrong with bagging a bargain, how many times have you stopped to think how things are made? Who you’re supporting?

How many times have you shopped local recently, and how many times have you chosen ‘local’ over ‘large’? If you’re shopping local, you’re supporting much more than a healthy profit margin and polished TV ads. Yes, in some instances price points may be higher, but investing in local is so much more than tangible products.

Here’s why your next round of resource purchases should be local:

  1. Sustainability and quality 

Local businesses are much more likely to source their stock and materials locally rather than overseas, significantly reducing transportation time and their overall carbon footprint.

When selecting materials to make items, if sourced locally, businesses know where they’ve come from and their quality. Given how high-use early learning resources can be, high quality materials are important. Not just for safety but for longevity. Quality materials = long lasting resources = less waste.

  1. Local jobs and ethical practices 

COVID-19 undeniably had an impact on every industry. The ‘shop small, shop local’ movement gained traction during this time as a way of helping locally owned businesses stay afloat in the midst of supply chain and restriction-related issues.

When local businesses are supported, local jobs are maintained and created. You’ll know exactly how things are made and distributed and have the reassurance that the working conditions are up to standard. If items are made overseas, local businesses tend to be transparent about the process and are more careful in choosing who they partner with as their reputation is at stake. Choosing cheaper, quicker options at big retailers can raise questions about the conditions in which they’re made under, as that’s typically never disclosed.

  1. You’re supporting a dream

Every business starts as a dream. Someone had a passion or an idea and they wanted to turn it into a reality.

Countless hours and hard work go into building a business. Whether they’re creating new, innovative products or stocking a carefully curated range of quality items, local business owners are following their passion. They want their products to be noticed, and they want them enjoyed. The more they’re enjoyed, the more people hear about them, and their dream can carry on.

Word of mouth is so important for local businesses – especially when social media feeds are often dominated by big companies and their significant marketing budgets.

So, for your next resources haul, invest in local. Because it’s not just the items you’re buying. It’s the stories behind the items. The real people, the real passions, and the real dreams.

Step4 is a family-owned local Australian business. To discover our range of early learning resources and services, click here.

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