Quick guide to Christmas planning in your ELC
It’s time to get cracking on Christmas

It’s time to get cracking on Christmas

“Christmas trees and food are already in the shops! It’s too early!” These are the words often uttered around this time of year, every year.

While many of us think it’s too early, life does get busy around this time of year. Before we know it, it’s two weeks until Christmas and we realise maybe starting our shopping and festivity planning early may not have been a terrible idea after all.

In your early learning centres, do you find yourself scrambling for activities each year? Do you find yourself rushing out to buy tinsel and any other decorations you can find just a few days before toy break for the year?

This is our quick guide to Christmas planning, so you can have a number of activities – and festivities – up your sleeve now without having to rush in late November.

  1. Christmas-themed sensory trays

Is sensory play a big part of your early learning centre’s activities? Keep it going and make it Christmassy! Some inexpensive, safe ideas for Christmas-themed trays are:

  • Mix red and/or green food colouring with flour and oil for the base
  • Add baubles of varying textures (plastic, wooden, and glitter) that are a good size for little hands and mouthing-friendly
  • For older children who are unlikely to put things in their mouths, include items such as shredded paper to emulate snow
  • Pom poms and pipe cleaners in Christmas colours also add an element of texture
  1. Christmas story time

Christmas books are a simple way to get into the festive spirit during story time. The themes in the books generate discussion around Christmas and will perhaps spark ideas for children to incorporate into their imaginative play.

We stock a number of Christmas books, including this book and puzzle pack to incorporate problem solving into your activities.

  1. Christmas craft

Messy? Yes. Fun? Double yes! While the thought of glue, glitter and felt pens is a bit stressful for some, Christmas craft can be adapted to suit all ages and makes great presents for children to take home to their families.

Here are some ideas:

Nursery age children:

  • Hand/finger painting in Christmas colours

Toddler age children:

  • Hand/finger painting in Christmas colours
  • Christmas cards using craft ingredients such as pipe cleaners, pom poms and feathers

Pre-kindy and kindy age children:

  • Christmas decorations using a template and craft items such as paint, felt pens, glitter, sequins and pom poms
  • Christmas card making using glitter, felt pens, feathers, sequins, pom poms and pipe cleaners

Start stocking up on craft items now so you can plan. We’ve got some items to get you started:

  1. Christmas-coloured card stock
  2. Christmas sequins
  3. Christmas craft packs: Large and small

So, there you have it. A few ideas to get you going on your Christmas planning. Make your list and check it twice now for a stress-free lead-up to the festive season!

Need help sourcing more resources? Contact us on 1300 720 353 or email sales@step4.com.au.

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