Mothers Day Classroom Ideas
mothers day activities

Implement these Mother’s Day Classroom Ideas

In the childcare environment it is important to celebrate special occasions with families to demonstrate that we as educators value them and their family units. Special events like Mother’s Day allow us the opportunity to help the children in our care celebrate their mum or mother figures in their lives. It is important to keep in mind the huge diversity within families today – consider whether Mother’s Day is important to a mother; a grandparent or single father. Here are some activity ideas which can be implemented within your service!

Family Photo Shoot

Hold a family photo shoot for families. Photos can be taken by staff or you could even hire a professional photographer to come in to the service and snap away at some beautiful happy moments. Photos can be presented in lovely frames as a gift to the families for Mother’s Day.

Pamper Session

Arrange a pamper session where families are invited to join you at the service for morning tea and a pampering by the staff and children. Include a glorious hand massage using hand scrub made by the children, foot spas and face masks!

Sun Catchers

A simple activity for children to make their mums smile. All you need is some laminating sheets, flowers/leaves, hole punch, thread, a photo – this could be the children or the entire family. Additional extras could include glitters, coloured cellophane, feathers. Arrange items on the laminating sheet and pass through the laminator. This can be cut into shapes and hung.


Large plain candles can be transformed into beautiful personalised gifts. Simply have the children gently draw on tissue paper with texta. Once decorated, wrap it around the candle and cover with a layer of wax paper. Using a hair dryer close to the candle, melt the design gently onto the candle. This will transfer the children’s beautiful personalised designs creating a stunning gift families will treasure.

Flower arrangement

Have a variety of long-stemmed flowers and lovely wide, colourful ribbons available in the Class room or foyer where the children can create a beautiful flower arrangement for their family member on arrival or collection.

Personalised Shopping Bag

Give the children the opportunity to create a stunning art work on the front of plain, simple calico or cotton craft bag for their family member, mum or mother figure using paints or for older children threading. They can be a beautiful, useful keepsake for families and can include a card with photos of the child creating the work.

Body Scrubs

Natural body scrubs can be made for Mum using resources such as coconut oil, essential oils, tea, sugar or coffee. Packaging these in small reusable plastic containers with a ribbon will make it feel so special.

Succulents in Recycled jars

Recycled glass jars can be used as a wonderful sustainable gift idea. Filled with pebbles and soil with a simple succulent planted by the children. Jars can be painted and/or decorated to personalise for each family.

The Mum Questionnaire

A wonderful and often funny questionnaire can be created to complete with the children to give to mum using questions such as “what makes my mum happy?” “What I love about my mum” and “how much do you love your mum?”. Families will love reading the answers with their children.


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