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How to Hop into Easter Fun: Easter Activities for your Early Learning Centre

How to Hop into Easter Fun: Easter Activities for your Early Learning Centre

It’s hard to believe Easter is just around the corner! Children are no doubt counting down the days until the Easter bunny arrives, so now’s a great time for early learning centres to engage in fun and educational activities. From Easter egg hunts to Easter-themed crafts, there are so many ways to bring the spirit of Easter into the classroom. Here are a few ideas to make this Easter season a memorable one for the children in your centre.

Easter Egg Hunt

This classic Easter activity is always a hit with children! Hide plastic around the playground or inside your centre and challenge the children to hunt for them. Not only is an Easter egg hunt a fun way to encourage physical activity, but it also teaches children problem-solving skills as they search for the hidden treasures. This fun activity allows you to extend on children’s learning by encouraging counting skills, colour recognition, communication skills, and team work.

Easter Crafts

Get creative with Easter-themed crafts such as making bunny masks, decorating Easter eggs, or creating paper plate chick crafts. These activities not only allow children to express their creativity, but they also help to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Their creations also make fantastic Easter presents to take home to their loved ones. Check out our Easter Craft Pack here.

Easter Storytime

Share the joy of Easter through picture books or storytelling. This is a great opportunity to engage children in discussions about the symbols and traditions of Easter, and remind them of the importance of love, kindness, and new beginnings.

Easter Provocation

Encourage imaginary play and spark discussion through a special Easter provocation! Think little chickens, foam eggs and bunnies – the perfect open-ended resources for children to engage in loose parts play, and use their imagination.

Easter Cooking

Get the children involved in cooking by making Easter-themed treats such as bunny-shaped cookies or rice crispy nests with mini eggs on top. Many supermarkets have pre-made cookie decorating kits, but be sure to check the ingredients first for any allergens.

Cooking activities not only promote practical life skills but also create an opportunity for the children to work together and follow instructions. These goodies are another great idea for Easter gifts to take home.

Easter Songs & Dance

Got some little groovers in your early learning centre? Have a dance party to Easter songs or teach the children some Easter-themed dances. Music and movement activities are not only a great way to get the children moving, but they also help to develop coordination and rhythm.

These are just a few ideas to make Easter a fun, educational, and memorable time for the children at your early learning centre. By bringing these ideas to life, you can create a sense of excitement and wonder around the holiday while also promoting important developmental skills. Happy Easter!

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