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How customisable furniture can transform your ELC

How customisable furniture can transform your ELC

When you look at early learning centres that have been built in the last 10 years, you’ll more than likely see neutral colour tones across the furniture and storage solutions.

In addition to aesthetics and evolving trends over time, the rationale behind more neutral tones is to provide more ‘blank canvas’ areas for play and learning. The resources, rather than the furniture, become the focus.

In saying this, not all approaches to learning and care are made equal, so why should the aesthetics of early learning centres need to fit a certain mould? It’s important for you to find what works for you, your vision, and your pedagogy.

If you want to keep your aesthetics on trend, but still have a point of difference, we can help your early learning centre stand out with our range of custom furniture.

Here are just a few options that have been carefully designed to be functional, practical and durable.

Modula Range

Every piece from our Modula range is handcrafted and designed at our HQ on the Central Coast. With over 50 colours available, and made from sturdy and environmentally friendly materials, you can really add your own flair to your early learning environment.

The Modula range is multipurpose, with some units having not only ample storage, but areas for children to sit and have some quiet time.

Storage units aren’t the only pieces available in this range. For imaginative play, our super-cool Modula Breakfast Bar has you covered. For indoors, we have planter boxes that are perfect for succulent gardens and can be customised to fit in with your colour scheme.

NaturalDesign Range

Our NaturalDesign Storage solutions are another homegrown range of ours, and just as customisable as our Modula collection. Each item provides a stylish, practical way of storing resources and art supplies.

Low shelving solutions make a nice addition to Montessori-oriented centres, while corner units tidy up areas while saving on space at the same time.

Need more inspiration or want a quote? Get it touch with us at or call 1300 720 353.

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