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How can you celebrate Mother’s Day in your Early Learning Centre?

How can you celebrate Mother’s Day in your Early Learning Centre?

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers and guardians who nurture us and enrich our lives. For children, it’s important to understand this celebration from a young age to encourage a sense of appreciation and bonding.

Here are our ideas for Mother’s Day activities in the lead-up to May 14.

1. Handmade Cards

A classic Mother’s Day activity for your early learning centre is making homemade Mother’s Day cards. Provide the children with craft supplies appropriate for their age group and allow their creativity to take over. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children may wish to put a message in their card, so be prepared to support them by writing this. It’s important to encourage the children to think of a message, as this helps them to feel comfortable with articulating their feelings towards their loved ones.

2. Flowerpot Planting

Flowers are a classic Mother’s Day gift, so why not add a bit of a child-friendly, personal touch? Get the older children in your centre to have a go at making flowerpots. Purchase some cheap flowerpots, allow the children to paint them however they please, then have them plant a flower seedling and get them to water it. Add a gift tag to each pot for an extra unique surprise. This is also a chance for you to explain what is needed to help flowers and plants grow, which could spark interest in future similar activities.

3. Community breakfast

A quick breakfast for families is a great way to bring your early learning centre community together and celebrate all the mothers and mother figures. Encourage parents to stay for a moment after drop-off and put on some simple to-go breakfast items such as fruit salads, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee. Decorate the breakfast area with some recent creations from across your early learning centre.

4. Photo booth

To add a bit of buzz throughout your early learning centre, use Mother’s Day as an excuse to set up a fun photobooth in your reception area! For parents who are time-poor and unable to stay for breakfast or other social activities, this is a quick way for families to bond and capture memories in a fun setting. Set up a space in your reception area with some seating and props and you’ll have your very own DIY photo booth. Families can take the photos with their own phones, or perhaps a staff member can take them and compile them for your centre’s weekly update. However you choose to go about it, a photo booth is sure to be a hit and capture some candid moments.

When it comes to celebrating the mothers and mother figures in your early learning community, the possibilities really are endless.

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