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Easter Craft Ideas

Fun & Educational Easter Activities for the Classroom this Easter

Easter is such an exciting time of year for many children, families and services. Here are a few ideas you can implement in your service this Easter!

Sensory baskets

Fill a basket or container with coloured shredded paper – or to be sustainable use shredded paper from the office! Hide Easter inspired items such as plastic eggs that can be opened and filled (large ones), large pom poms, small fluffy bunny toys and anything else You can think of! Give your little ones some Tongs and baskets and they can have their own Easter hunt.

Baking hot cross buns

Nothing is quite as iconic to Easter as a delicious hot cross bun! There are plenty of simple recipes that can be done with the children during the morning so they have their own scrumptious afternoon tea prepared!

Water balloon yarn Easter eggs

Inflate some water balloons and allow the children to use PVA glue and some yarn or string to create some amazing patterns across them! Once dry pop the balloon for some creative Easter egg shapes. To get even more creative pop some Pom poms inside the balloon when inflating! These will sit beautifully inside your yarn egg when the balloon is popped.

Vegetable stamping

Slice a potato horizontally so it is oval shaped and cut some patterns into the flat side. These can be pressed into paint and will create some great egg like prints!

Mosaic Easter eggs

Provide the children with some coloured paper cut into oval shapes. Using a variety of collage materials and some craft glue the children can create their very own mosaic egg designs! For older children give them paper and pictures to cut their own pictures to stick on.

Recycled Easter baskets

Using 2 litre soft drink bottles, cut the top off so you have a bowl shape. A pipe cleaner can be used as the handle. Let the children decorate the outside of the bottle and fill with shredded paper to be used for an Easter egg hunt.

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