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Fun and Dramatic Book Week Activities for Children

Fun and Dramatic Book Week Activities for Children

Celebrating Book Week, ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’! Book Week is always a favourite celebration amongst the children & educators alike!

If you’re looking for resources and inspirational Book Week activity ideas, here are a few great suggestions that children will fall in love with.

Learn about Curious Creatures

Assign one kind of curious creature to each child – it could be a currently existing species or an amazing animal that is now extinct.

Challenge the children to find at least one book about the respective creature and create a presentation on it.  This is an excellent opportunity to tie language and STEM learning together.

Book Reading Assignment

There are so many spectacular books for children that tackle the topic of curious creatures.

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is an obvious classic example and the same applies to ‘The Tomten’ or ‘Puff, The Magic Dragon.’

Read the book of your choice to the class and encourage a lively discussion about which curious creature is their favourite in the story. Encourage children to write their own stories or draw their picture stories relating to the world of curious creatures.

Make Your Own Curious Creatures

Here’s a fun activity for the more artistically inclined children: Ask each child to make up their own curious creature.  It could feature the body parts of different species or it can be an entirely made up creation.

When children have drawn their unusual animal, they can create a story about what type of creature it is, where it lives and what makes it unique.

The 2020 Book Week theme is so fun and exciting that you’ll certainly come up with many additional great activity ideas. If you need a bit of assistance or some materials to put the celebration together, don’t hesitate to check out our Book Week Packs!

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