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Building collaborative partnerships with your families & communities

Building collaborative partnerships with your families & communities

ACECQA describe the aim of Quality Area 6 of the National Quality Standard as being to recognise that collaborative relationships with families are fundamental to achieving quality outcomes for children.

Community partnerships that are based on active communication, consultation and collaboration are also essential.

In operating a successful Early Learning service, it is vital that the relationships formed with your families and communities are strong, trusting and respectful,  starting from the very first interaction you will have with them.

Here are 3 ways you can ensure you are building collaborative partnerships with your families & communities.

1.  Learn about the children who come into your care, and ensure there is strong honest communication with families about their child. Having thorough orientation processes in place will allow for this to commence from prior to enrolment.

2. Consider inviting parents to visit the service or contribute to your programs and other aspects of the service – consult them on policy or procedure development and review, risk management or emergency evacuation processes.

3. Consider your community, families and suppliers as resources and partners in the care being provided to the children in your care – try not to place limits on what they can offer your service or what you can offer them.

“It takes a village to raise a child” and developing collaborative relationships with the many stakeholders involved in your service will help achieve better outcomes for children.

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