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Benefits of Buying Resources & Equipment from Local Australian Owned businesses

Benefits of Buying Resources & Equipment from Local Australian Owned businesses

Buying resources and equipment is not only showing support for our fellow Australians. It comes with so many other benefits!

Many Australians already recognise the importance of buying locally however with the current world climate there is no better time to be supporting Australian owned business.

Quality resources made from local products – safety standards

When buying from Australian owned business you can rest assured that the products you are purchasing are quality products. This is because products and resources purchased in Australia have to meet safety and product standards – by law – not as an option. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission sets guarantees for products including:

  • Safe and Lasting with no faults
  • Looks acceptable
  • Does all the things someone would normally expect them to do.

This means that when purchasing from a local Australian owned business you can trust that these standards have been met, while buying overseas you’re not always guaranteed! It also ensures you are meeting the safety requirements when supplying resources for children.

Supporting Australian economy

Purchasing from local Australian owned business means your money is staying in our country and therefore helping to stimulate our economy. The company you purchase from pays tax which in turn goes back into schools and hospitals. The business needs to employ staff, giving money to Australian workers who will also use that money to purchase – sending it back into the economy. It’s a win win!

Greater local jobs

The more need there is in Australia for a product or resource the greater the need there will be for employing staff. Buying local from Australian business means you are helping to generate jobs and reduce unemployment. More jobs locally means more money into our local economy!

Faster delivery

When ordering from local Australian suppliers you are more likely looking at fast delivery time for your product. Its closer right? The delivery cost will more often than not be less than you would pay for a product purchased overseas too as it costs them a lot less to get it to you.

Environmentally friendly

Buying locally will reduce the amount of carbon emissions used by business to get you the product by simply shortening the distance for shipping. Australia and Australian business in general also take a great responsibility in being environmentally sustainable and responsible during the production stages, which more often than not means you’re purchasing a product that has been made with environmental footprint in mind.

Support for warranties and products later on

Have a problem or concern about a product once it arrives? It can often be a difficult task to try and follow up on replacement parts or warranties when purchased from an overseas business. When buying locally you will find it easier to get support and assistance from local customer service that can help you out! Australian standards mean that Australian owned business is held to the Australian Consumer Commission Guarantees.

Mateship, relationships and the Australian way

Finding a company or supplier you can trust is so important. Purchasing locally often means you are able to build and develop a relationship with a company that knows you and what your needs are. Particularly in the child care setting is so important that you have a relationship with a company you can trust to provide you with a quality product and one that understand you and your needs.

Being an Australian owned, family business, Step4 have a family member involved in every part of every project. Partnering with STEP4 means partnering with people you can trust. A family that is part of the Early Learning Framework, and understands the local, Australian conditions in which our children are educated in. Quality you can trust, service you can rely on.

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