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Appreciating cultures; Everybody belongs

Appreciating cultures; Everybody belongs

A strong sense of individual identity can be encouraged through engaging in activities that stimulate shared identities. Harmony day is an important time for children and educators to embrace the local community and engage in conversations about inclusion, respect & helping others. Thinking about children around the world and the need for us to all work together will ensure a healthy and happy world, and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Amazingly enough, Australians identify with over 270 ancestral backgrounds. All the varied cultures that come together in Australia bring many things with them: different foods, ways of dressing, languages, customs and beliefs. Harmony Day is about celebrating these differences, embracing new cultures and making sure that everybody is included in society, as well as celebrated for their uniqueness

Children might be asking you what they, as a child, can do to improve the world. Well they can do a lot. If they are taught to treat everyone with respect, ensure that people are included and take the time to find out about other cultures, they can help the world to become a more peaceful place.

Interestingly, almost HALF (49%) of Australians were either born overseas or have at least one parent who was. Chances are, there are many stories to be told within your classroom!  Here are 4 fun activities to try on Harmony Day this year!

  1.  Children are fascinated by language!  Discuss who in the classroom knows another language and try saying “Hello” and “Goodbye” in some other languages together!
  • Salut – French
  • Konnichiwa – Japanese
  • Guten Tag – German
  • Ni Hao – Chinese
  • Hola – Spanish
  • Ciao – Italian
  • Namaste – Hindi
  1.  Make a hand wall – children love to get paint on their hands! Have many different colours available and each put their handprint into the tree!
  2. Many nationalities have dances significant to their cultures. Try demonstrating an Aboriginal corroboree or an Irish quickstep!  This could get rather fun.
  3. Read aloud together the beautiful little poem, “The Crayon Box That Talked’ – it’s great to explain how everyone is special in their own way.

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