Bee-Bot Single Licence Software

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Children can take control of their BeeBot with this onscreen programming software. This resource is an excellent starting point for teaching control, directional language and simple programming to young children. It is suitable for both individual study and whole class whiteboard teaching. Children create their own onscreen activity mats and build and save 3D BeeBot worlds. The program can be personalised by each user creating fabulous BeeBot shells onscreen. This encourages the development of image manipulation skills and can be linked to practical activities, such as printing and cutting out the designs for use as BeeBot jackets. Using the arrow keys: introduce basic programming, view through BeeBots eyes or from an aerial/ angled perspective, and plan and edit routes. BeeBot Mats featured in the program: BeeBot Alphabet Mat, BeeBot Race Track Mat, BeeBot Busy Street Mat, BeeBot Shapes, Colour and Size Mat, and the BeeBot Treasure Island Mat. Software version: Windows XP and above. This licence is ideal if it is only going to be used on one computer. For more than one computer, refer to 722019 BeeBot Site Licence Software.

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