Step4 Fibre Optics Ottoman

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The Step4 Fibre Optics Ottoman is a must-have for any childcare centre to assist children with sensory integration and processing. The combination of colour and light provides a unique experience for children to actually touch and engage with it, providing a stimulating, yet safe, interaction without electricity or heat. The interaction is relaxing, bright and colourful and allows and encourages cause and effect education. Our fibre optics ottoman can provide many options for sensory stimulation including:

Ottoman measures 500D x 500W x 300Hmm


  • Feel the different strands of the fibre optics, either bunched up or individually
  • Children can hold and drape the strands around themselves, the touching sense may work better in different places for users. Make sure you try the arms, back and hands to get an idea of what the child enjoys the most.
  • The children can feel each strand individually, this could prove to be a much more calming experience as sensory overload may occur when too many strands are presented


  • Rustling the strands together creates a unique noise
  • Lightly stroking the strands over the children’s clothes with amplify rustling sound noises


  • The different colours of the lights can stimulate the senses. The children can call out colours and match them to other objects or equipment in the room
  • Remember using one strand can be just as effective in stimulating the seeing sense. Depending on the child, a bunch of strands together may produce a sensory overload
  • The strands can be separated or ‘fanned’ out on the floor. This encourages the children to create different shapes and swirls, the fibre optic lights are robust enough to handle heavy pulling and grabbing.

The fibre optics ottoman comes with a handheld colour selector to change the colours and set the sequences it runs through.


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