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“Happy Children, Bright Futures”

The Playschool Early Learning Centres in Coomera and Labrador have a motto: “Happy Children, Bright Futures”. Owned by Bernadette Watson, these long day care centres are equipped with natural furniture and stimulating learning resources, all devised with this motto in mind.

Coomera is Bernadette’s newest centre, architecturally designed, and with its focus very much on the natural environment. A running water stream and natural vegetation set the tone outside, while inside, the pressed reeds at reception and the homely décor and furniture continue the theme.

Bernadette and Gemay Holmes-Brown, the Nominated Supervisor, selected STE Products to supply the furniture and resources for Coomera. “The natural wooden tables and chairs are a perfect fit for the theme of our centre,” Bernadette said. “The wooden play blocks are very popular with the children, and the timber ‘home and kitchen corner’ is a stand-out. We also wanted some centrepiece tables, and STE custom manufactured three large tables in parchment white, with a lovely birch edge and pedestal base.”

STE Products is an Australian family-owned business, and Bernadette found that this absolutely enhanced her experience as a client. “I dealt directly with Dan Kennard, the Director of STE, and he was professional, friendly and really easy to work with. The rest of the team clearly work closely together and the internal communication is excellent—nothing gets forgotten.”

Parents are certainly impressed with the Coomera centre and the whole architectural approach. All six rooms are large and airy, with resources tailored to the different age groups. “We have created areas that allow children to explore and develop their imaginations,” Bernadette said, pointing out a red ‘base camp’. “I’ve seen this corner transformed into all sorts of scenarios from a library to a teddy bears’ picnic!”

“The lockers, prams and furniture are really sturdy and well-made,” Bernadette commented. “STE has a good range of products, particularly the puzzle selection, and I was also impressed that Dan went out of his way to source some particular products that I wanted. He is really committed to making sure his clients are satisfied.”

STE installed the furniture and equipment and disposed of all packaging. “Everything was taken care of and it was a stress-free experience. We only had to display the books and resources the way we wanted,” Bernadette recalled. “STE also has an attractive loyalty discount structure and I have ordered products for my Playschool Early Learning Centre at Labrador, which has been open for eight years now.”

Bernadette summed up her experience with STE Products: “I’ve found a truly genuine and personable team of people who will bend over backwards to keep clients happy. Just like our Playschool children, I think STE has a bright future ahead!

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