Setting up a New Learning Environment - Case Study

Skeleton Creek Early Education

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Childcare inspired by nature

Preet Purewal runs Skeleton Creek Early Education in Point Cook, Victoria, offering 152 places across eight age-based studio rooms. Having had previous dealings with STEP4, Preet was confident in their products for her new early learning centre.

“Dan Kennard brought catalogues and samples over to me because STEP4 is very customer focused and takes a personal approach to the set-up of a new centre,” explained Preet. “We discussed my objectives, and they provided lists of furniture and resources for each age room. STEP4 has so much variety and choice that it was easy to select a range to fit my budget.”

Preet wanted to inspire the children with an environment that was as natural as possible. She ordered natural timber furniture including quad-shaped Versatek tables, which are easy to clean with safe edges, rounded corners and removeable legs for storage and transport. The matching Birchwood and Versatek storage units have open sides so curious minds are encouraged to explore.

While the interior colour scheme is neutral and calming, Skeleton Creek’s invigorating outdoor space is set up with sturdy blue Atlantic trikes and colourful climbing equipment, which is stable and strong while being light and easy to move.

“I especially like STEP4’s inspirational Facebook and Instagram photos with layout ideas,” said Preet. “We had many rooms to set up and were able to create natural spaces making the most of our resources thanks to the photos and ideas.

“STEP4 has an attractive discount program for ongoing orders, and I will certainly be taking advantage of that. I know that I can rely on their excellent understanding of age room needs. For example, if I ask for products to develop fine motor skills in two-year-old children, they will send a list of suitable products.

“The product quality and customer service has been excellent. Parents are very impressed and have even asked where they can order some of the products for themselves! They were flexible with delivery dates, which was very welcome given we were undertaking a new build. I had a wonderful experience ordering childcare furniture and resources from STEP4 and am looking forward to the future.”


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