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Meaningful play times with STE Products

Childcare centres often compliment STEP Learning Resources on their wide variety of meaningful play toys that add richness and depth to a child’s learning experience. Toys and resources that are both fun and teach children about their wider world are popular with educators.

Versatile learning tools

Carolyn Chivers, Owner of Joeys Preschool & Early Learning Centre in Morpeth talks about her favourite STEP resources: ‘Children enjoy playing outside, and it’s such an important part of their development to have time just “being kids”. They love the trikes and super cycles, and we love that they are learning balance, gross motor strength and team work skills as they work together to ride the bikes.

‘This time is also part of their social development as they share stories with friends and educators about their bike riding at home. In addition, we use this opportunity to discuss road safety and the need for helmets and transport. The bikes are such a versatile learning tool.’

Music makes the world go round

‘Music time is a favourite at Joeys, and the children get really excited when we bring out the musical class set from STEP,’ Carolyn said. ‘They are engaged in meaningful learning time, exploring sounds and rhythm and developing their speech and creativity in a social environment.’

Natural wood to make it feel like home

Joeys Preschool & Early Learning Centre has four age group rooms from baby to preschool years. Carolyn chose welcoming wooden furniture for all rooms to make the children feel like they are at home ‘STEP’s furniture range was great,’ she said, ‘and I loved the option to customise shelf colours to make each room unique.

‘The educators and children enjoy the wooden home corner. It’s easy to add real life resources to bring the experience to life, and the furniture is portable so it can be utilised both indoors and outdoors. Another favourite is the 3-way wooden mirror in the baby room, which gives them extra enjoyment of tummy time as they can explore their self-identity and their environment.’

Ergo cots benefit babies and educators

‘We also have the wooden Ergo cots,’ Carolyn said. ‘These are fantastic as they are easily moved allowing educators to rock children and assist soothing them to sleep. It also supports the educators’ backs as they don’t need to lean down, and it makes the transition of children from arms to cot a lot easier.’

Competitive prices and excellent service

The Joeys building was originally an old bowling club. It was completely gutted and redesigned into the stunning purpose-built centre that it is now. ‘We are delighted with the result and STEP Learning Resources made the entire process so much easier,’ Carolyn said. ‘Their prices are competitive and they offer a complete on-site set up and assembly service, taking away all the packaging. The customer service is excellent and they were lovely to deal with. I will definitely order more products from STEP in the future.’

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