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STE – helping to make every day an adventure

Big Day Out Care & Education on the Sunshine Coast offers childcare to children from 6 weeks of age to school age. When the operator, Pam Maclean, established the centre, she used STE Products to help her make “every day an adventure” at Big Day Out.

“I have been in the childcare industry for 30 years,” Pam said. “I work as an early childhood consultant designing and arranging rooms in childcare centres to create an inspiring environment that engages children. Consequently, I have ordered products from STE before so when it was time to design this centre, I knew STE had the furniture for the feel I was after.”

Pam ordered STE’s unique NaturalDesign furniture for the kindergarten area because she wanted Big Day Out to be as natural and relaxing as possible. “Many children come here every day,” Pam explained. “So it’s really important that they feel good about spending so much time in our environment. A childcare centre shouldn’t feel like an institution; it should feel like a lovely day out with people who care about you. STE’s natural furniture really promotes that feeling: parents often comment on the furniture and the friendly warmth of our centre.”

“Looks are obviously important but maintenance, durability and price have to be considered,” Pam continued. “STE’s natural furniture is sturdy, easy to clean and maintain, and the price point is good too. I know it will go the distance in our busy environment.”

The natural theme continues with a Birchwood Play Shelter. “The 3 to 4 year-old children absolutely love that,” Pam smiled. “They meet there in little groups and have great fun and social time together.”

Pam also ordered the Ergo Cots and Spacesaver Beds. “The Ergo cots are terrific for the baby room. The staff don’t have to bend down to pick up the babies so it is much better for their backs. The cots also look great, being natural timber rather than metal or plastic. Parents feel reassured about their baby’s comfort when they see such lovely cots. The Spacesaver Beds live up to their name! They stack together in a compact manner, saving us a lot of space, and they are light and easy for the staff to manage.”

STE Products works hard to deliver outstanding customer service and this is particularly evident if an unexpected problem arises. “There was a delay on some products and I was a bit concerned,” Pam explained. “But I didn’t need to worry. Dan Kennard, STE’s Director, worked hard to resolve the issue. He was positive and helpful, rather than blaming things outside his control. This was positive customer service in action.”

“I was also pleased that during the ordering process, the customer service team was quick to answer any questions and send product brochures,” Pam said. “It was refreshing to work with a team of people who can deliver a high standard of service and quality products that our staff and children will benefit from for a long time. I have already ordered more products from STE.”

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