Indigenous Fire Country Dreaming Dolls Clothes Overalls 38cm

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Beautiful indigenous designed set of overalls to suit 38cm dolls.
Handmade in Australia from cotton print materials sourced locally.

Fire Country Dreaming – Lynette Nampijinpa Granites

An old man, 'lungkarda', of the Jampijinpa skin group, lived on a hill with his two Jangala sons. The old man would claim blindness and send his two boys out to hunt, while gone the old man would go and hunt and eat everything he found.
One day his two sons hunted a Kangaroo after extensive tracking. Upon return they were told this Kangaroo was sacred to the 'lungkarda', this angered the old man terribly.
The next time the boys went out the old man put his fire sticks to the ground, unleashing a relentless bush fire that chased them across the lands. Exhausted, the boys managed to outrun the flames, only to be consumed by the fire when it reappeared out of the blue-tongued lizard hole.

NB: These items are all hand made and as such may have slight variations from the pictured items. This is normal and inherent with Hand Made clothing.

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