Natural Home Corner Kitchen Set (4pcs)

$ 989.00 Ex GST
$1087.90 including GST

This beautiful Natural Home Corner Set is ideal for any home corner area in your centre. Children will be entertained for hours with fun & imaginative play.

Individual units measure 38.5W x 45.5D x 53cmH, fridge measures 38.5W x 34.5D x 76cmH

Set includes:

  • Natural Home Corner Cooker
  • Natural Home Corner Washing Machine
  • Natural Home Corner Fridge
  • Natural Home Corner Microwave

In stock

Role play or Dramatic play has so many benefits for a child and their development, including:

  • Fosters opportunities for social interaction, encouraging collaboration in play (LO 3.1 ‐ Children become strong in their social and emotional wellbeing).
  • Develops communication and language skills (LO 5.1 – Children interact verbally and non‐verbally with others for a range of purposes.)
  • Provides opportunities to develop their motor skills as they dress dolls and manipulate objects in the kitchen (1.2 Children develop their emerging autonomy, inter-dependence, resilience and sense of agency).


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