CleanTek 4% Bleach (5L)

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CleanTek 4% Bleach is a liquid bleach containing 4% available chlorine. This is an excellent cleaning product used disinfecting, destaining and deodorising. CleanTek Bleach can be used used in the kitchen for sanitization and removal of discolouration from sinks, refrigerators, table tops and draining boards, in the laundry for bleaching of white lines and cottons, and also the removal of decolouration and sanitizing baths, toilets, basins and tiles. Supplied in a 5 litre bottle. Directions For Use: Kitchens; Dilute 30ml per litre of water for general sanitization, destaining or soaking of stained items. Rinse well with water. Laundry; Add 90ml of Bleach per 10kg of wash load. Washrooms; Dilute 30ml per litre of water for destaining and deodorizing baths, basins, showers, urinals and floors. For toilet bowls, pour 50ml into the pan. Leave for 1520 minutes and flush. General; For deodorizing bins etc, dilute 30ml per litre of water. Allow dwell time and rinse well. Always rinse well after using CleanTek 6% Bleach.

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