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Easter Craft Ideas

5 ‘Egg’cellent Easter Craft Ideas that are creative & engaging!

Easter is a joyful time of year for both children and educators, with its hat parades, egg hunts, chocolate wrappers, egg decorating and all sorts of other creative and engaging activities going on. It’s a great time for crafters but it’s so easy to run out of ideas. That’s why we’re dedicating this blog to Easter craft projects, showing you 5 different ways to express your passion for this wonderful celebration. Get creative with the coolest pre-school craft ever!

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  1. Rockin’ Paper Plate Chicks

    These are the easiest, coolest rocking chicks ever. Preschoolers love these funky rockin robins that take no time at all to make cost so little! Let them choose their own colours and have fun being creative (and messy!). They will be as proud as punch with their birds! All you need is paper plates, paint & paintbrushes, scraps of orange/yellow paper, feathers, joggle eyes and in 5 easy steps you have the most adorable paper plate chicks!1. Paint the plate, let dry and fold in half
    2. Fold and glue scrap of orange paper for beak
    3. Glue feathers on
    4. Cut lengths of pipe cleaners and glue inside fold for tail
    5. Finish off with a joggle eye!
  2. Easy Doily Rabbit

    Possibly the cutest rabbit craft for kids you’ve ever seen. This lovable bunny is simple to make for all ages and costs so little!
    All you need: Doily, white paper, pink paper, black paper, black pencil, glue, scissors.
    1. Cut out ears, cheeks, eyes, nose & whiskers & glue on
    2. Draw a cute little mouth and you’re done!
  3. Easter Egg Popsicle basket

    There’s no limit to the imagination when it comes to decorating Easter Eggs – let the kids put those creative minds into play. And what could be more fun than making their own Easter Egg Basket to carry them in! So simple using cardboard cylinder box and popsicle sticks, and easy to decorate styrene eggs.All you need is polystyrene eggs, paint & paintbrushes, popsicle sticks, cardboard containers, pipe cleaners for handles and glue. Use wood wool for a bed for the eggs in the basket.Add joggle eyes and pom poms for extra decorating options!
  4. Easter hat bunny earsI’m an Easter Bunny watch me hop! hop! hop! Nothing spells Easter like an Easter Hat Parade and the bunny ears headband is so simple and fun for kids to make. Simply cut, glue and decorate to their hearts content! Cardboard headband and ears ready to cut out, all you need is glue and scissors. Choose from various decorative options – glitter flowers, pom poms, foam alphabet letters.
  5. Cardboard Easter cut-outs Easter Eggs and Rabbits
    Versatile Bunny and Egg shape fold outs ready to decorate. Use as headbands or make your classroom beautifully easterfied!
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